Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town

Mid Town Musings: November 2018

Dear Friends, On 12th November 1968, the Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town had its first charter. This year on 12th November 2018 we turned 50. What a huge milestone this is for our club! Every member of this club, both past and present, should be very proud. This is that time of the year for our club when we as members reflect at the years gone by. We think of.. Read More

Mid Town Musings: October 2018

Dear Friends, The month of October began with one of our prized programs that our club has been conducting for the past so many years: the short-term students exchange program along with the German students which is managed to perfection by Manoj. Like every year, 20 students came down to India, and Manoj was able to pack their itenary whilst they were here. Our club dedicated our first meeting of.. Read More

Mid Town Musings: September 2018

Dear Friends, The September bulletin of Mid-town has two events from the month of August, both extremely important for the club. The first was a talk by Mrs. Jaya Row. As many are aware, she speaks on the Bhagwat Gita and its importance in our lives. During the talk, she spoke on “Awaken the leader within” and discussed with us the difference between a “boss” and a leader, the qualities.. Read More