Mid Town Musings: January 2015

Does ‘stylebhai’ ring a bell?

Narendra Modi, the man who has made a style statement with his Movado watches, Bvlgari frames to Montblanc pens. Nehru jackets, bandh galas… always well-dressed, befitting the occasion and the gathering. This is how the world looks up to a well-dressed leader who visits and addresses gatherings, parliaments.

How about following his example and restoring the glory of Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town?

There was a time when we walked into our meetings at the Taj — which itself is an icon and we are proud to be meeting there — dressed chic in a tie and jacket. I joined the club in 1996 and looking at all the well dressed folks around me felt so nice and classy, and fell into the groove of dressing well. One of the senior members appreciated it and told me that it is always good to be dressed formally with a tie and jacket and that I could be summoned to introduce the speaker or propose a Vote of Thanks at short notice.

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Mid Town Musings: December 2014

In the year 2008, I was the President and on Wednesday, 26 November, we had our last regular meeting at the Taj Gateway Room. I remember that day clearly because we finished our meeting and left the venue at around 3 pm. The same evening I was near the Taj at the Wodehouse Gymkhana. We suddenly started getting calls and TV images which initially looked like a gang war. Eventually, it turned out to be a terrorist attack. Some of our Rotarians, to name a few—Naren Mohatta, Gaurav Kapadia, Arvind Kasbekar, Bipin Jain, Atul Premnarayen and a few others—also recall this day very vividly. We had to shift our regular meetings to the Wodehouse Gymkhana which came to our rescue in this time of need. Hence, we made it our permanent place till we could go back to the Taj.

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Mid Town Musings: July 2014

Mohan Raises The Bar
Sometimes I wish I was an orator. Then I could have become a political leader – The Honourable Mohan Bhai Modi or I could have been someone like Asaram Bapu. Of course, I could have made a lot of money and be surrounded by lovely people. But today I am grateful and I thank God that I am here in the midst of such good friends and families from the Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town. They say you can choose friends but you cannot choose family. I am among those fortunate enough to have the best family.

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Mid Town Musings: April 2014

Dear Mid-Towners,
I am delighted to share the great news that our Club has been awarded the first prize in the Narendra Ballal Bulletin Competition. My hearty congratulations go out to our editor, Anil Kejriwal, and his whole team for all the hard work, inspiration, and creativity that has gone into deserving this award. Well done, team!

Any concerns one may have harboured about the future of our Club were allayed at our recent closeddoor meeting.

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