Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town

Mid Town Musings: April-June 2019


Dear Friends, This is the last quarter of my year as the President of the club. Suddenly, I feel the pressure to finish projects that we had begun earlier or get some non-starter projects moving ahead. Suddenly, I feel disappointed as well as relieved that my year as the President is coming to an end. So yes, I have got mixed emotions about it and I do not know what.. Read More

Mid Town Musings: January-March 2019

Dear Friends, Happy New Year—yes, it’s April now—Happy New Bulletin—Happy New financial Year! The last three months has kept us engaged actively across all areas of the club. A memorable fellowship to begin the year was held at my terrace—a great fun-filled evening. Members, spouses and families made it a special fellowship. The weather, music, singing and food added to the wonderful evening. The other two fellowships were held at.. Read More