Bombay Mid Town Musings: November 2013

Dear Mid-Towners,

It is with sadness that I commence this letter to you, once again, to ofer my condolences. We are saddened to communicate the loss of Tarla Dalal earlier this month. I learned of her untimely passing at our regular Wednesday meeting. Allan had just received the news and shared it with me when I arrived at the Taj. We were a relatively small group that day as it was the middle of the Diwali break, but it felt good to be together in learning of Tarla’s demise and to share a minute of silence to honour and relect on her life. It came as no surprise that the media was full of reports for the next several days on the tremendous impact Tarla has had on so many people. She was an exemplary Mid-Towner and we will miss her dearly.

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