Mid Town Musings: January-March 2019

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year—yes, it’s April now—Happy New Bulletin—Happy New financial Year!

The last three months has kept us engaged actively across all areas of the club. A memorable fellowship to begin the year was held at my terrace—a great fun-filled evening. Members, spouses and families made it a special fellowship. The weather, music, singing and food added to the wonderful evening. The other two fellowships were held at Wodehouse Gym and a new venue, Cricket Club of India—both of which were well attended.

Chetan Shah, a well-known cyclist rode us through his journey on how passion makes one achieve one’s goals. A great visual journey of videos and photographs kept us all attentive. His cycling journey started after he had a heart attack and his story just goes to show how anything and everything is possible no matter what.

Mr Majeed Memon, Rajya Sabha member and an expert legal counsel, spoke on ‘Rule of Law & Civil Society’. Of course, he spoke eloquently about the topic but what struck me was that he mentioned the responsibility that we have as citizens. We have rights and we expect many things from the government but we have certain responsibilities towards being citizens of this country.

Neeraj Shah, a business coach, from Titan Masterminds spoke about a designed life. Not a drifting life and not a driven life but a designed life. He told us how he has designed his life and by doing this has become healthier, more focused, productive and efficient.

Mr Krishna Prakash IPS spoke about his work and also about his running. How he completed his Iron-Man, the first IPS officer to do so and how anyone can achieve things that they set their mind to do. He, in fact, told me that I could easily do an Iron-Man because he thought I looked fit.

With several new members added to the Mid-Town family, an innovative way of getting to know each other was conducted as a Panel Discussion which was exceptionally well facilitated and managed by Akhil Shahani and four panellists who were our new members—Dr Simon Currim, Dr Svetlana Toshniwal, Dr Aligiya Bapayi and Vinod Mirchandani. I do believe this was an important meeting because new members bring in massive energy and enthusiasm into the club’s activities. As older members, it is our duty to make them feel at home and welcome them. We have to encourage them and hand-hold them till they take on more responsibilities of the club’s activities.

Dr Farokh Contractor, a previous invitee to our club, returned as a speaker to a joint meeting with Rotary Club of Bombay Hills South & us. His presentation was on India Globilasation followed by a lively interaction. His talk was fascinating.

The Third Club Assembly was held on March 13th where members were informed about the status of all the projects our club had undertaken at the start of the year. President-elect Rtn Abuzar led a planning session for the Rotary year 2019-20. He mapped out the team for 19-20 and key activities and dates were discussed and set. This type of an event was started last year and I do believe that this helps in building momentum for the planning of the club’s activities in the coming Rotary year

Our own Dr Ashwin Mehta, an eminent Cardiologist, made the last meeting for the quarter a healthy one—Understanding All About a Heart Attack. As always he spoke very well and spoke to us about the risk factors and what is needed to be done when one gets a heart attack. Bottom line is that it is not easy to help an individual if he does not get medical care very very soon.

Kudos Team Bulletin for starting ahead of term and progressing rapidly to achieve deadlines and Looking at this with a new lens!

Wishing you and all your families a Happy Summer – Stay Cool.

Yours in Rotary,
Pres. Rtn. Dr. Deepak Garg

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