Mid Town Musings: July 2014

Mohan Raises The Bar

Sometimes I wish I was an orator. Then I could have become a political leader – The Honourable Mohan Bhai Modi or I could have been someone like Asaram Bapu. Of course, I could have made a lot of money and be surrounded by lovely people. But today I am grateful and I thank God that I am here in the midst of such good friends and families from the Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town. They say you can choose friends but you cannot choose family. I am among those fortunate enough to have the best family.

I joined the Rotary Club in the year 1996. As you all know, membership to the Club is by invitation only. As a requirement, I had to be introduced as a guest at four regular meetings before I could become eligible to be invited. But it took two years to become a member. Each time I had to pay the guest charges of R40. Finally, I was accepted and, thus, stopped paying R40. Our Club is among the oldest in the country and we invite only prominent citizens of the city to join. We need a cross-sectional representation of society and only those who can spare time to carry out our Club activities.

This year we should focus on bringing new members based on these traditions. Rotary was originally founded to enable travellers and professionals from different walks of life to meet their counterparts in new cities and easily find someone from a common profession or industry. Thus, Rotary is an excellent platform for this dual purpose—making friends and doing something good for society.

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