Mid Town Musings: September 2019


Dear Rotarians,

Very warm greetings to all of you!

Every month, I get a call from our talented editor, Rtn. Sunayana Vora, who respectfully requests me to pen down the President’s Message for the upcoming issue. I usually get worried when I get a call from her because it shows that she means business. Little wonder that I make it a point to quickly draft the message after her phone call!

The months of September and October saw many successful events and activities taking place at the Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town. The best part was the active participation from all of our club members. Even our club meetings saw a lot of improvement in attendance. I was happy to note that our club members have started looking forward to our regular meetings, projects and fun-day activities. The events organised in September and October were very well attended. Needless to say, this active participation of members keeps me going and makes me enjoy my tenure as the Club President. I hope that this high level of participation and enthusiasm will continue in the days to come.

I have said earlier too, “So little time, so much to do.” Despite this, I have the strong desire to undertake some major projects and also have the strong belief that they will see the light of day. Some of these projects are:

1. E-learning Project
2. Hand Pump Project with the Rotary Club of Jalna
3. A major Fund-raiser this year
4. Compile and publish a Signature Book on our Past Presidents with information on the activities done during their tenure
5. A Play to be enacted by our club members

The last two months saw the Maharashtra Assembly elections riding the tide of nationalistic fervour. As I am writing this President’s Message, I am still wondering which political party is going to come to power. Regardless of whichever party is going to come to power, I am sure that we, at Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town, as promised will be working closely with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Traffic department on civic betterment, education, anti-noise pollution and environment based projects.

A matter of concern was the extremely heavy rain that Mumbai witnessed this year. What was scarier were the alarming messages on social media networks that Mumbai is at risk of being submerged by 2050 due to the impact of rising sea levels in major parts of the world.

On a brighter note, our club received very positive words of appreciation from District Governor Harjit Singh Talwar during his official visit to the club. A big thanks to all of our club members for their efforts in this regard!

Looking forward now to our ‘52nd Charter Nite’ on 13th November 2019. Let’s rock it this year!

Cheers, love you all.

Thanking you in Rotary,
Pres. Rtn. Abuzar N. Zakir


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